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About us

Friggantik is a result of a shared vision by Martina Akesson, daughter of antiques shop ownersfrom Malmö and Alberto Muñoz, son of cabinetmakers from Madrid.

In Friggantik you can find everything from small decorative accessories to large furniture. What they do all have in common is that they are all bought in the Nordic countries. Friggantik represents the decorative and eclectic space with furniture represented from different eras. Here you can find the typical Gustavian Sofa, industrial locker, the perfect rosewood coffetable or the typical plastic green 1970s lounge chair. We try to work with the best furniture and all in very good condition.

The name Friggantik was born as a combination of the Swedish words “Frigga” which was a goddess in the Nordic mythology (she was Odin’s wife and the fertility and household goddess) and “Antik” which is the Swedish word for antiques. Both words symbolize our philosophy

  • High quality products
  • The best client service
  • Garantee of refund within 10 workning days 

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